News Highlight: The Lux Cut Says Rivet Makes an "Exquisite Gift"

We already know all about your giftee’s sartorial inclinations — and rest-assured, every domain of life can be made fashionable. The key is knowing what your loved one is passionate about — fitness, beauty, lounging (no judgment here), wellness, sustainability — and then hunkering down for a long and painstaking search. When selecting a gift for the fashion-loving giftee, think of it like a marathon — not a sprint. Finding the perfect addition to her wardrobe is just as much about the journey as the destination. And never forget that presentation matters.

Keep in mind that the best gifts are the ones that make the most of the element of surprise, coupled with a heaping dose of taste, here are 30 exquisite gifts to consider for the label-loving fashionista in your life.

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