The stylish utility of the signature Rivet Utility design - the jumpsuit - is the brainchild of Los Angeles-based designer Daun Dees. A busy mom of 5, Dees simplifies getting dressed to a single zip, without sacrificing style.

More than a mere brand, Rivet Utility is a movement - a spirited approach to everyday dressing that feels like both an excitingchoice and the revisiting of a classic moment - creating a welcome jolt of energy to the wardrobe. A perfect canvas for the true expression of personal style, the Rivet Utility jumpsuit is effortlessly confident. Made to make life easier, but also chicer. 

Merging the worlds of sportswear, workwear and fashion, Rivet Utility is thoughtfully designed with an eye for movement and comfort - the ultimate daily uniform. Completely designed and produced in Southern California, Rivet Utility has a deep respect for artisan craftsmanship and the great city of Los Angeles.