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Rivet Utility is committed to creating quality products locally and ethically.

Rivet Utility is proud to be Made in LA. Our partners in downtown Los Angeles have over 25 years of experience crafting quality garments that emphasize fit and finesse. We are not a fast-fashion brand. We will always employ our manufacturers ethically and pay a fair wage. 

When RU opened its doors in September 2020 (yes, we decided to start a clothing brand mid-shutdown), we wanted to focus on building and creating jobs here in our own community. Now, we are proud to say that our production employs over 40 full-time sewers and artisans in Los Angeles. 

Additionally, by making our jumpsuits locally, we largely reduce the carbon footprint of our small business. This helps us meet the ethical and sustainable standards we strive for everyday. 

OUR JUMPSUITS: Everything at RU is conceived, designed, and manufactured here in LA.

Our in-house team ethically sources all of the fabrics and trims that go into each jumpsuit. When possible, we choose organic cottons, up cycled fabrics, or sustainable synthetics like TENCEL. All of our dyes are GOTS Certified meeting worldwide textile standards for low impact processing, including ecological, social, and environmental requirements. 

Then there is the jumpsuit itself. Our high-quality garments are made to last and be worn in more than one way, helping build versatility and sustainability in your wardrobe at home. We can each do our part to combat waste in the fashion industry by investing in quality pieces whenever possible. 


As we grow as a brand so does our commitment to creating quality and ethical clothes. We are always learning and asking new questions. As Rivet Utility expands its reach, we will continue to find new ways to do better for our community and our planet.